Architectural sketches

11 Read the following information about Barry Berkus.
Barry Berkus (1935-2012) was an American architect who designed more than 600,000 houses. He established an architectural firm in Santa Barbara, California, in the 1970s.
In this video he demonstrates how he would remodel a space in order to improve the design. He illustrates this process through a series of quick drawings, along with detailed explanations of the current conditions, and the client’s needs.
12 Watch the video and decide if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).

  T F
1. The architect loves his job very much.

2. The house design that he is
looking at was given to him
by someone.

3. He thinks that the house design
is perfect.

4. In the design, the kitchen is on the
left side of the house.

5. When you enter the house, you
find a wall in front of you.

6. Outside the house there is not
a garden.

7. Light has a crucial role in the house.

8. The dining room table is not
considered so important.

9. A person in the kitchen must not
be involved in the social activity
of the house.

10. The architect’s aim is to create a living
and pleasant environment.


13 Watch the video again. Following the architect’s ideas, try to design a detailed floor plan of the house described in the video. Then, explain and discuss it with your classmates and teacher.

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