A cover letter can be written in response to an advertisement or be an unsolicited letter to enquire about vacancies.

■ Applying for a temporary summer job
Preserve our Past’ Project
Stefano De Giorgis, a student of Engineering at the Polytechnic in Turin, is sending an email to apply for a temporary summer job in Scotland as an assistant Surveying Engineer for the ‘Preserve our Past’ Project, an up-to-date survey of Callanish Stones* on the Hebrides Islands.

8 Put the sentences below into the correct order, then rewrite the text in your exercise book to make a complete mail.
a. ☐ I am available for a Skype interview any weekday afternoon.
b. ☐ as a Pdf document.
c. ☐ Dear Mr. Johnson, // I saw your advertisement in the specialized magazine ‘Modern Surveying’.
I am interested in applying
d. ☐ as I can use the most modern surveying technology. I am a very reliable and conscientious person.
e. ☐ I attach my CV, with the names of two referees,
f. ☐ First Certificate with grade A last year. I would be grateful if you would consider my application.
g. ☐ After my university degree, I would like to follow a career as a surveyor in any form of historical man-made structures
h. ☐ I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours sincerely,
i. ☐ At the moment I am studying at the Polytechnic in Turin.
j. ☐ so I am interested in coming to Scotland. I am sure that I am well-suited for this job.
k. ☐ This summer I would like to do something challenging,
l. ☐ My English is quite good. I got the
m. ☐ Last summer I worked as an assistant surveying engineer on an archaeological site in Italy and this experience helped me develop the skills you require.
n. ☐ Stefano De Giorgis
o. ☐ for the position of assistant Surveying Engineer for the ‘Preserve our Past’ project.

9 Following the sample email, write a personal email applying for a temporary job in a project.
Include the clues below:
1. name of the project
2. specific interest in it
3. previous working experiences
4. current university studies
5. personal qualities
6. future plans
7. knowledge of English
8. closing

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