15 David Bowen was a student at Edinburgh University and now he is an expert surveyor.
He is very keen on talking about his profession. Use the information about him and the prompts below to build up an interview.

David Bowen chose to become a surveyor because he found it to be the perfect blend of his interests: Technology, Mathematics, Outdoors, History. He greatly enjoys using modern technology to discover history, which is his main interest. He really likes working with 3D laser scanner because this instrument is extremely precise and fast. He worked as a surveyor some years ago for a heritage project at Stonehenge. He joined a team and they carried out a survey of the whole area with laser scanners, total stations and GPS. The data were used to draw a detailed map of the site. Once he said that a young professional should explore the opportunities early in his career because it is the early years when he can enjoy experiences and opportunities that will last a lifetime. David’s favourite part of his job is the business and the people. As a land surveyor, he comes into contact with all different kinds of people such as attorneys, engineers, architects, utility managers, farmers, developers, timber companies, etc. and everyone is different. He must be able to communicate with everyone because each person or company has to be handled differently.

Student A: You
Student B: David Bowen
1. Ask why he chose to become a surveyor.
Talk about your interests.
2. Ask what instrument he enjoys using.
Give technical information.
3. Ask him to tell you about one of the most
interesting work experiences he has had.
Speak about the Stonehenge Heritage Project.
4. Ask what kind of recommendation he would pass
on to young surveyors.
Explain in details.
5. Ask him about his favourite part of his job.
Talk about the communicative skills that a surveyor must have.

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